Thursday, October 16, 2008

Goa beans first harvest

Our latest kacang botol (goa beans, winged beans, Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) plant has started to produce (for photos of growth stages see this earlier post).

This was seven days ago

This was today

and this is what we got out of it

It's enough for one dish, and would sell in the local market for RM1-2 (USD 0.25-0.5), so it's not like we're saving loads of money, but... it's organic, it will taste better, it cost us nothing (the seeds are from previous plants) and it hasn't had to be grown elsewhere and transported here using fuel, etc. So overall, it's a net benefit to us and to our wonderful planet :)

Grow your own! :D If you want to buy Goa bean seeds, you can get them on Amazon.


Sunita said...

Thats so fantastic! It even looks better than the stuff you get in the markets. Did you eat it yet? How did it taste?

julian said...

I ate them all the same day - very tasty (though I guess I'm biased :p )
I stir-fried them with 'sambal powder' (not sure what the name is - dried shrimp and chili powder stuff), tofu, fish sauce, rice wine and garlic. It was very nice - a delightful nutty flavour that you get with kacang botol (goa beans).

Kanak Hagjer said...

Congrats! That delicious green! And fresh off the vine too, the goa beans look so yummy!!

julian said...

Thanks :) WW just started a different kind of bean, so I guess in 3 months or so there'll be more. In the meantime, I expect this batch to produce for a month or so

I likE plants! said...

They look odd. Is there any western vegetable that would be comparable in taste? You recipe sounds like it would make anything taste great!!!


julian said...

Well, they taste like beans - but sort of nutty beans is the best I can do :)

jtrinh said...

you realy can't compare their flavor to anything else! In the states, we only see them once a year, all bruised up at the supermarket, and selling for 5 dollars a lb.