Saturday, February 14, 2009

An organic Valentine :)

Worried about being stiffed with overpriced roses, chemically enhanced and flown in from halfway across the world? There is a solution :)

Find a few blooms in your garden

put them on the breakfast table and say

I love you :)

Dedicated to WW - my love for ever xxx :)

PS: Check out the Organic Consumers Association for more ideas.


Darla said...

I would much rather have flowers that my loved one too the time to cut for me.

Anonymous said...

aww.. thanks. :) i love you too xxx

Kanak Hagjer said...

Such a sweet post! And the frangipani blooms...beautiful!

julian said...

*Darla* - agreed, and the money can be spent on something more fun, like a bottle of wine :)

*Anonymous* - Who are you? No stalkers please! ;p

*Kanak Hagjer* - There are also a couple of jasmine in there, so it smelt nice too :)