Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Organic sweet potato leaf

Yummy! Another in the 'From market to garden' series - sweet potato leaf is one of my favourite greens, and it never seems to be in the market. It's normally stir fried with garlic, and maybe some lard (sinfully delicious), and the leaves are thicker and smoother than other greens, and not bitter.

Anyway, WW got some sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas) and planted them.

It grows fast! It took about a week to get to this stage

but then, three days later it shot up!

There was another one (not photographed) that was in the kitchen - where there's plenty of light but not much direct sun, it grew considerably slower.

And today she planted it in the ground. It's classified as a vine, so I'm not sure if that means we have to watch out for it growing all over the fence?

Look at those leaves... thick and purplish. I'm not sure when to cut them off though, they are quite bushy and soon there'll be enough for a dish, I think...

Here are some recipes online:
Piggy's Cooking Journal (this one looks more like what you usually get in Malaysia)
Mental Masala


Starr Hendon said...

This is an awesome blog. I love your pictures and recipes. In fact, I think I'm getting hungry :)

julian said...

Hey thanks, much appreciated. Stay healthy! :)

HappySurfer said...

And if you let them grow enough, you'll be having sweet potatoes too. Good to experiment if you have space in your vegetable patch. Just a thought. Hi! Got here from your main blog.

julian said...

Ya we have to manage our plants better tho... it's all very amateurish so far.

Thanks for dropping by!