Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Organic chilies harvest

Sorry to anyone out there for not posting for ages, I will try to do better from now on. Brief but regular :)

Cili padi (bird's eye chili) are a favourite of most Malaysians, but not that easy to grow I find. They need a well drained soil and tend to do better in pots. Most of our previous attempts failed miserably but this time - aided by loving care from WW and perhaps our vermicompost - it's looking good :)

This was on May 10th
young organic chilies in pots

And this is today!
adult organic chilies in pots

You can see the flower in the foreground, and how the chili still has the remains of the flower on it as it grows
organic chili flower

Here you can see it going red - these chilies are hot, and quite sweet
organic chili ripening

Here are various stages of growth
organic chilies stages of maturation

and a 'field of chilies' :)

ripening organic chilies plant


Darla said...

I grow Rooster Spurs and Habaneros!! Yours look great!!

julian said...

Sounds like you know more about chilies than I do!
All the credit goes to WW - I'll tell her thanks :)

Unknown said...

We're fond of having these hot ones with our meals! Great pics, Julian, and it's SO good to see a new post!!!

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Nice chilies Julian..

julian said...

*Kanak* - Thanks :) Your recent post on all the fauna feeding in your garden was really interesting.

*Bangchik* - Thanks for dropping by!

James David said...

You cilipadi look so well managed.
Most of the time, the don't turn up well. Good luck in your harvest.

julian said...

They're doing well so far!

Anonymous said...

Your chili padi looks like the original "kampong type" or better known in Singapore as "Singapore chili padi" which is very hot and has a flavor to it. Most of this type of chili that come from Tailand or Taiwan are very hot but with no flavor. If yours is the "kampong type", would it be possile for you to mail some seeds for me - fyi, am living in canada

julian said...

OK I dunno whether it is 'kampung' cili padi. I do know that it came from Sabah originally.

I can try to post you seeds but you'll have to send me your address.

You can contact me via the contact form on my other blog: http://julianhopkins.net