Saturday, October 11, 2008

Vermicomposting for organic compost

WW has kindly allowed me to take over one of her worm bins, and I fed them for the first time a couple of days ago. Vermicomposting is an easy way to turn your kitchen scraps into great organic compost. We made our own worm bins but, if you want a more fancy setup, the cheapest 'Worm factory' on Amazonis US$66.95, and they also sell wormsby the pound.

Another option is to check out to see if there's anyone in your area who will share some advice and worms with you.

This is how it looked at first - to the left mostly paper, and to the right the older section where the worms have been at work for some weeks

the worms are all hiding below the surface, as they don't like the light, but if you turn over the soil a bit you can see lots of them

You can feed worms any *vegetable* (no animal products - i.e. meat or dairy) waste, but onions, garlic, citrus and melon skins are to be avoided (the latter because of the high water content; also no oily, salty or cooked foods. We normally store up appropriate stuff in the freezer and add it in every few weeks or something - otherwise, the rest of the vegetable waste goes into the garden compost bin.

Layer it on the newer section, the worms will slowly migrate to that side as they finish up on the other side

On top, a layer of dry leafs (bamboo, in this case), and a little soil to help them digest. Covering it up well also prevents fruit flies and the like from becoming a nuisance.

Then, the bin goes back under the sink and the worms left alone to do their work :)

I'll be posting updates every two weeks or so, to see the changes.


Unknown said...

Wow, really cool setup. I too am in malaysia and I've been interested in worm composting but not sure where to find the worms. Do you know where I can get a good worm supplier in the Klang valley?

julian said...

Hiya, good to know someone else wants to try it out - for some information on where to get it, you can check a post I did on my other blog here :)